Uber Under Siege: These Cities Are Its Biggest Enemies

If you live in a city with Uber, chances are you know it’s a necessary evil. Yes, unpredictable surge pricing and difficulty getting cars at certain hours come with the territory. But when you need a ride, you’re incredibly thankful for it.

But the company has been its own worst enemy lately, after months of controversy surrounding its corporate culture, business practices, and general disregard for local laws. As it becomes more embroiled in scandals and lawsuits around the world, here are 10 global cities where Uber has gotten itself into the most trouble. 

1. London


London London is one of Uber’s biggest opponents. | iStock/Getty Images

Uber and London have been at odds for years. On top of protests from the city’s iconic black cab drivers, London has taken the ride-sharing giant to court in an attempt to force it to pay taxes, as well as minimum wage and sick pay for its drivers. Uber has fought all of these charges. And now, the city has had it. Uber’s license to operate in London expired. It can continue to operate through the appeals process (which is already set in motion). But it’s anyone’s guess how much longer Uber will stick around England’s capital city.

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