Want to Pack on Muscle? 5 Rules You Need to Live By

a muscular man's back

a muscular man's back Building muscle takes real work. |

Getting serious about fitness requires a pretty thorough examination of almost every aspect of your life. No longer can you make decisions on the fly about when, where, and what to eat, or even if or when you’re going to get some exercise on any given day. These are aspects of your life that need to be locked-in and planned out, and you need to have the discipline in place to take care of every item on your to-do list in order to reach your goals.

Losing weight is one thing. But if you plan on going the other way, and gain weight — in the form of muscle, specifically — it’ll take even more effort and discipline. It means that your fridge is stocked with the right foods. Protein powder is always nearby. That you have at least some knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and can easily dismiss bad advice. And that your routines are foolproof.

And, perhaps most importantly, that you follow these five simple rules.

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