What Would Happen If Everyone Ate Only 1,500 Calories a Day?

With so many weight loss diets on our radar, counting calories has become a dieting norm. There’s a lot of debate among experts as to how many calories a person should eat to lose weight — but that’s not the only benefit eating fewer calories might present. Would eating just 1,500 calories a day change our lives? As of 2010, the average American ate over 2,000 calories daily. Let’s look at what would happen if we all ate less.

Our digestive systems would rejoice

Seed fiber supplement in a wooden scoop.

Seed fiber supplement in a wooden scoop. Fiber keeps you full and gets things moving. |

Eating fewer calories could actually increase our average fiber intake.

The health of your digestive system depends on a number of factors. Some of them you can control; others, you can blame on your genes. As a nation, we don’t eat nearly enough fiber. Research warns diets low in fiber increase your risk for multiple chronic diseases. But we’re so busy filling up on processed food, we barely notice our stomachs are in distress.

If we ate more fiber, we would eat fewer calories as a result — most high-fiber foods, like vegetables, are extremely low in calories. Our guts would end up a whole lot happier if we took fiber more seriously.

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