‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’: The One Storyline That Will Leave Us Shook!

With its debut in 2000, X-Men launched the modern superhero film and the era of Marvel Comic-inspired adaptations. After 10 films spread over the course of almost two decades, we’ve come to love and know characters like Logan, Professor X, Mystique, and so many others, who have changed the way that we’ve looked at mutants and how we view one another within our society.

Now, 20th Century Fox is ready to take on one of the most beloved X-Men arcs of all time with X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The film is set to drop Nov. 2, 2018, starring Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner as the mutant Jean Grey. Essentially, from what we gathered in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Apocalypse, Jean is taken over by a mysterious dark force called The Phoenix Force. She becomes unhinged and uses her telekinetic abilities for evil, which threaten the cosmos as we know it. The X-Men must then come together and figure out a way to stop her without actually harming her.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix could play out several different ways, but here is the one storyline that has us all shook!

Forget about space

The young X-Men stand among rubble, all looking up in awe.

The young X-Men stand among rubble, all looking up in awe. Sophie Turner, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Tye Sheridan as young mutants in X-Men: Apocalypse | Fox

In the Dark Phoenix comics, Jean Grey transforms into a supervillain when the Hellfire Club kidnaps the X-Men and brings them to a space station. After becoming the Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey blasts into space and ticks off the alien Shi’ar Empire, when she destroys one of the planets near them.

Apparently, that’s not first-time director and longtime X-Men screenwriter Simon Kinberg’s vision for this film — and to be honest, we’re quite perplexed by that. He told X-Men Films, “[We must] find a way to ground it, so it’s not too intergalactic.” So how is any of this supposed to work?

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