You Won’t Believe the Reasons Why Some People Give Up a Pet at the Shelter

Ask anybody who’s ever volunteered at an animal shelter, and they could tell you that there are plenty of reasons why dogs and cats end up there. Many of them end up at the shelter because they’re surrendered by their owners. Most people have a good reason for giving up a beloved pet. Perhaps they have to move someplace where the landlord doesn’t allow pets, or they just can’t afford to take proper care of the animal.

Those explanations are all understandable. But unfortunately, some people have more outrageous reasons. Below, check out some of the most surprising reasons why people give up their pets.

18. They don’t have time for the dog anymore

Baby and dog outside

Baby and dog outside Dogs still need love, even with a new baby around. | Ivanko_Brnjakovic/iStock/Getty Images

One Reddit user who worked as a veterinary technician reports that many young parents surrender a dog at the shelter simply because they “don’t have time” for the animal anymore. Nobody would deny that having a baby or adopting a child completely changes your life — and requires you to make major changes to your schedule.

However, this Reddit user reports that many dogs in this situation develop severe depression and separation anxiety, perhaps as a result of “being abandoned [by] someone they never thought would abandon them.” Your dog still wants to be a part of your family, even when the family grows. In fact, some dogs even want to become best friends with a new baby, if you give them a chance.

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