You’re Making These 15 Health Mistakes Every Day

From raw foodies to gym rats, there are a lot of health conscious folks out there. But for some, even the most basic of concepts fall by the wayside. While you may consider yourself a tried and true health nut, neglecting seemingly small, everyday habits can often be all too easy. The truth is, though, some of those habits come with long-term consequences. If you really want to be in tip-top shape, watch out for these 15 common mistakes.

1. Keeping your windows down on the way to work

Freeway Traffic

Freeway Traffic Roll up your windows if you commute to and from a city. | Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Now of course, everyone’s commute is different. If you live in the mountains and your commute involves winding back roads, this likely doesn’t apply to you. If you’re a city dweller, though, listen up. While it’s tempting to rock out with the windows down on your way to and from work, your highway commute may be one of the less healthy things you’re doing on a daily basis, or at least five days a week.

Environmental health researcher Scott Fruin tells Men’s Health air pollution can be up to 10 times more concentrated on highways than it is in the suburbs. More importantly, the publication says, “Diesel fumes may contribute to headaches, cancer, and heart disease.” Instead, hit the AC and use your car’s recirculate feature.

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