NFL: The 5 Greatest Chicago Bears of All Time

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears represent one of the most iconic franchises in football history. Dating back to 1920, the Bears have come to embody the characteristics of a blue-collar town; they embrace defense, mental toughness, bitter cold, and the will to win. Beyond this foundation, the classic Chicago/Green Bay rivalry formed the nucleus of the Black and Blue Division and ushered the game of football into the modern era. In all, the Chicago Bears have 27 players enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame including some of the game’s all-time Greats  and have claimed nine total championships (eight NFL titles and one Super Bowl).

The top five Chicago Bears of all-time will be forever synonymous with the team, but we would be remiss to ignore Red Grange bursting to the outside, Sid Luckman running the T formation, and Devin Hester for taking kicks back to the house. Consider them the Honorable Mentions.

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