No Time for Exercise? Walk Up the Stairs and Reap the Benefits

Is your schedule too busy that you cannot achieve the recommended two hours of exercise daily? This might become history soon, especially after new and easy forms of exercise have been invented. Today, ordinary items can be used to substitute the need to go to the gym. For instance, the carpet can act as a ground for press-ups. Similarly, a chair can be used in doing sit-ups. However, one of the most exciting discoveries is that stairs can be a perfect alternative to the gym.

Here is why.

More Oxygen

The puffing and panting that comes with climbing stairs is not as bad as people presume. Such an exercise strengthens the lungs by increasing the rate of breathing. This translates to higher oxygen intake. Better still, the heartbeat rate increases during stair climbing. This strengthens the heart. In the end, both heart and lungs become enhanced, resulting in greater immunity and body efficiency. An efficient body does not tire from daily chores and has better immunity.

Burning Calories

The most interesting bit about climbing stairs is that it burns calories faster than most high-impact aerobics! For instance, for every thirty minutes of climbing stairs, an obese person loses on average two hundred calories. The same time, if spent on high-impact aerobics will only burn a hundred and eighty calories.

Enhanced Mood

Climbing stairs, like most exercises, activates the production of endorphins. These are brain chemicals that create a calm and happy feeling. Endorphins are even more advantageous in that they reduce stress and improve concentration. No wonder most gym instructors display higher self-esteem and always seem happy! The good thing is that endorphins do not run out and the more you exercise, the easier it becomes to activate them.

Toning of Muscles

Climbing stairs indulges all body parts in the act: the legs, abdomen, hands, and chest. In these areas are located the muscles that tone the body. Therefore, each time a person climbs the stairs; these muscles are put into action, which is exercise, which goes a long way in toning them.

Finally, to get the best out of climbing stairs, maintain on average thirty minutes per day of this exercise. That will do much more than what two hours at the gym do!

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