Not for Sale: 10 Cars People Refuse to Give Up

Shot of 2009 Ford Explorer driving on city streets at night

Shot of 2009 Ford Explorer driving on city streets at night A new study reveals the SUVs and cars people refuse to give up in America. | Ford

There are many ways to prove a car is a winner. Maybe a model you’re considering has excellent reviews from journalists who tried out a loaded tester model. That’s a good start, but if money is an object you’ll want to check on a car’s reliability ratings, too. After all, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars on a car before trading it in or sending it to the junkyard. You may as well save on brake pads and windshield wipers along the way.

Another sign of a winning vehicle is how long people hang onto it. Autos search engine conducts an annual study to see which cars owners held onto the longest before selling, and the results are revealing. For 2017, researchers sifted through 16 million cars sold between 2013 and 2017 to see which had the best track records with their sellers. You might call them keepers, relationship material, or something similar, but the bottom line is that a vehicle people keep for 10 years must have something special going for it. If you asked, you would hear it’s “not for sale.” Here are the 10 cars and SUVs that topped the list in 2017.

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