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Not Getting Job Interviews? 10 Reasons Why Employers Are Ignoring You

Desperate employee

Desperate employee Feel like you’re hitting a brick wall with your job search? You’re not alone. | iStock.com/SIphotography

No one said searching for a job was going to be fun, but why didn’t someone warn you it could be this bad? You spruced up your resume, customized your cover letters, and even bought a new suit — all for naught. Not only are you not getting any job offers, but you’re not even getting interviews. What gives?

Being ignored by employers stings, especially if you’re convinced you have what it takes to excel at the positions you’re applying for. But you won’t be able to get work when you can’t even get face time with the hiring manager. If your job search is hitting a brick wall right out of the gate, there’s hope. Check out these 10 reasons why employers aren’t paying attention to your applications, and find out what you can do to score an interview — and hopefully a job.

1. Your cover letter is weak

A generic cover letter isn’t going to wow a potential employer, nor is one that’s too long, has typos, or simply repeats the information on your resume. (Not writing cover letters at all? That can be a problem, too.) Instead, make sure your introductory note is customized and explains why you’re the right fit for the job.

“Often times the most challenging part for job seekers involves making it past the first round to get their foot in the door,” Vicki Salemi, a career expert for Monster, told The Cheat Sheet. “One way to help accomplish this is for them to demonstrate in their cover letter why they’re a perfect fit for the role while highlighting any outstanding achievements.”

Next: If your cover letter isn’t the problem, another key part of your application materials might be the issue.

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