There has been so many cases of these white KKKop shoots black man videos floating around the internet, and very little justice to the black families. This particular incident hurts my heart the most being that that they are trying to say that a pistol and a taser gun can be confused in certain scenarios.

This officer was 73 years old! what is he doing on the field! He is beyond retirement age, and I feel like he had one more thing to cross off his bucket list, as long as his fellow colleagues had his back and made sure he didn’t get any jail time.


This man (Eric Harris) was caught in a sting where he sold a gun to an under cover cop. He made a break for it when he saw the unmarked cop cars pull up next to him, and didn’t get too far before he is tackled to the ground. While he was ALREADY RESTRAINED on the ground you hear Reserve Deputy Robert Bates shout out “TASER, TASER” before he pulls out his PISTOL gets a clear aim, and shoots Eric Harris square in the back. after he’s shot you hear Bates say, very nonchalantly “Oh, I shot him, I’m sorry”. I’m sure he had a nice little smirk on his face as well.

The next part is the worst.  After Harris was shot there was no sound of shock from any of the surrounding officers, noone was in disbelief. Instead, as Harris yelled he was loosing his breathe, you hear an officer say “FUCK YOUR BREATH!”.

ok so I guess I can try to pretend that Bates mistook his PISTOL for a damn TASER physically. But are you trying to tell me that the officer that said “fuck your breath” didn’t HEAR that gun?! Are you trying to tell me a pistol and a taser make the same SOUND too?!?! WTF do you mean by “FUCK YOUR BREATH” when you just heard a deputy say “oh, shot him”. WTF do you mean “FUCK YOUR BREATH” when you’re seeing a man bleeding out on the floor with your knee on his head! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK DO YOU MEAN BY “FUCK YOUR BREATH”?! Does him breathing not matter to you? Because he was selling someone protection, since the KKKop mafia is running deep these days?

TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY! I found a video on Youtube ( below- fast forward to 5:05) of another officer trying to understand as well, why this man was shot in this sting operation. He asked , “So he was getting ready to taser him and had his pistol out at the same time?”  other officer responds ” no, he Accidentally had his pistol out”  cop 1 responds “so he thought his was tasering him? Cop 2 “correct”

Its almost as if they were speaking in code, trying to get everyone’s story straight before any questions were asked. You can hear the frustration in cop 1’s voice. Cop 2 was telling Cop 1 that what happened as if cop 1 wasn’t there. cop 2 said “he didn’t know he had his pistol on him” WHAT TYPE OF BULLSHIT IS THIS!?

The Video of the actual shooting is below.

They are trying to make is seem as though the deputy was going through confusion, because it was a high-stress situation but I a cannot believe that to be true, being that the 73 year old officer was not involved in tackling or cuffing this guy. He was just standing there, and had the option to look at his pistol before pulling the trigger. and I’m very sure they don’t make tasors to replicate PISTOLS!

Sgt. Jim Clark says “You can train someone as much as you can, and you train in every area that you can, but in times of crisis, sometimes the training is not going to take you through the scenario” . WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please please what did I just hear him say?!!!!!!! so WTF IS TRAINING FOR THEN!??!

watch and make your own judgement