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Old man haircut for misbehaving kids?

When your child is misbehaving no need to put them on time out, just give them the “Benjamin Button Special”!
This cut is designed for young boys and is used as a means to get them back on the right track by shaming them a bit.
Fredrick is a barber in Atlanta who came up with this after realizing that sometimes time outs and spankings don’t cut it and children need to understand the consequence of their actions. Fredrick’s inspiration came from his own son, who was acting out in school and he told him to stop acting “like a foolish old man” and decided to shave his head bald. He claims after he did that he stopped acting out because he didn’t want to look like that anymore.

There have been mixed reviews with some parents claiming that punishment should be private instead of publicly seen yet most parents support this. “If my kid’s grades fell, I’d do this to him, too,” said a Facebook post by Marla-Eyvette Massie.
I personally think if a child is acting out and if shaving their hair is going to get them to think about their actions and stop misbehaving, then shave it off! Hair is hair it’s going to grow back.

What do you think? Does this take punishment too far or is it acceptable?