Out of Shape? 5 Best Exercises to Quickly Increase Your Stamina

The hardest part of any workout is actually getting started — especially if you’ve fallen off track or are just having trouble boarding the workout wagon. Plus, the more out of shape you are, the more overwhelming it can seem to start a new workout routine.

However, there are workouts that quickly build up your endurance and help you develop long-lasting energy so you’ll have the power you need to push through any exercise routine. If you’re out of shape and need a quick way to increase your stamina, make these five exercises part of your regular fitness schedule.

1. Stair climbing

woman running up stairs for exercise

woman running up stairs for exercise Stair climbing can really help with your stamina. |

According to Runner’s World, among the list of stair climbing’s benefits include increased strength, power, and even endurance. You probably notice it’s much easier for you to lose your breath whenever you walk up a hill or raised sidewalk as compared to walking on a flat surface. This is because every time you walk or run up an incline, your heart rate speeds up at a faster rate, causing you to take in more oxygen.

The article mentions that this helps improve what’s called the VO2 max. Basically, that’s the capacity of oxygen your body uses during an intense workout. As you train and target your VO2 max, your body learns how to take the oxygen you breathe in and change it into useful energy at a much quicker speed. The greater your VO2 max, the longer you can push yourself through your workout. Make stair climbing or stair runs a regular part of your routine, and notice how quickly your endurance increases.

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