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Overpaid and Underworked? 6 Jobs That May Pay Employees Too Much

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Do you feel like you’re being overpaid? Is there just too much money in your bank account? Is your wallet so thick with money that you need a rubber band to keep it closed? If you can’t agree with these statements, chances are you’re in the majority. However, there are some employees out there who marvel at how lucky they are each time they see their paycheck. Some American workers have a unique situation that most employees may never experience — they are quite underworked and overpaid. They sit at their desks, day after day, bored to tears. As they watch the clock, they count the minutes until it’s time to receive their next six-figure paycheck. Wouldn’t you love to have this problem?

Some people do have this problem. Believe it or not, some who make more money than you’ll ever see or even feel a little guilty about it. If you have this issue, Alison Green, founder of Ask a Manager, has this advice on her blog:

…[If you make a lot of money] it can make it harder for you to leave your job because everything else will feel like a pay cut (and this is especially true if you’ve raised your standard of living along with your income). You can mitigate this by deciding what you think you “should” be earning and then living as if that’s your salary and putting the rest straight into savings, so that it’s not impacting your day-to-day spending or your big ongoing expenses, like a mortgage.

If you’re looking for one of these jobs, The Cheat Sheet has done a bit of legwork for you. We found a few jobs that pay more when compared to required training and responsibilities. Here are six jobs that may pay employees way more than they’re worth — but that doesn’t necessarily mean these are easy jobs to get.