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Paid by the Hour? 7 Jobs That Pay the Highest Hourly Wages

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Many people believe the myth that earning a salary is always better than being paid hourly. The truth is, sometimes being paid hourly is just as good, or better, than receiving a salary. It really depends on how much the job pays, and how many hours you would be required to work. Hourly pay can be great, especially if it’s high, and having a salary can cause problems if you work endless hours.

There are many jobs or fields that are predicted to grow in 2017, and some of them pay an hourly wage. Many of these jobs require years in school, or years of experience to make top dollar, but this isn’t true for all of them. In addition, there are several jobs that pay a great hourly wage. Here are seven to consider if you’re looking for a new job.

1. Specialists

Many jobs in the medical field pay a great hourly wage, so it makes sense to classify these jobs in one category. For example, in 2014, anesthesiologists could make $90 an hour or more, as could internists, surgeons, obstetricians, and gynecologists. In order to become a doctor, you have to attend and graduate medical school, and not everyone has the time or patience to do this. However, if you like helping people, and you have the drive to make it through several years of additional education after earning a bachelor’s degree, then you may enjoy a lucrative job in a medical field.

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