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Painful Shoes: Types of Shoes That Seriously Hurt Your Feet

There are few things that can ruin your day like a pair of shoes that are painful to walk in. Whether they’re new shoes that you’re trying to break in, or ones that lack proper support that can cause painful foot cramping and other issues, it’s important to be aware of the types of shoes you buy and their potential effect on your health. And it’s not just the sky-high stilettos we’re talking about. Here are six surprisingly painful shoes.

1. Flip flops and sandals

brown flip-flop sandals on a wooden background

brown flip-flop sandals on a wooden background Flip-flops and sandals are very uncomfortable. | iStock.com

Tons of folks opt for sandals and flip flops when they’re off-duty, because nothing says freedom like having your toes out in the open air. Unfortunately, your feet can be in for much more than just fresh air, and it’s mostly due to their lack of support, which ultimately leads to foot pain. “Flip-flops and unsupportive sandals frequently are the cause of foot disorders such as plantar fasciitis, tendon problems, and ankle sprains,” Dr. Neil Scheffler, a podiatrist at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, told Everyday Health. “Newer biomechanically designed sandals should be chosen over flat flip-flops,” he adds. This means that your go-to sandals should be similar of Birkenstocks that will cradle the foot bed and prevent any foot problems, or if you already have pain, they can help by balancing your foot out and not exacerbating the problem. 

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