Paranoid Your Partner Is Cheating? 9 Signs Your Investigating Has Crossed the Line

Having the slightest hunch your partner is cheating is enough to send anyone into a whirlwind of paranoia. And when that hunch turns into a full-blown investigation, you’re willing to do just about anything to catch your partner in the act. But how far is too far? There’s a fine line between having a suspicion based on indisputable facts, and one that’s no more than a fleeting insecurity. If you can relate to these nine signs, it’s likely your investigating has already crossed the line.

1. You have all their passwords

woman logging into facebook from phone

woman logging into facebook from phone Do you have all your partner’s passwords? | Saed Khan/AFP/Getty Images

If this isn’t an invasion of privacy, we don’t know what is. Whichever way you managed to actually secure your partner’s passwords is irrelevant. Well, kind of. If your significant other voluntarily shared his or her passwords with you for some reason, then it may be acceptable for you to have them. After all, you can’t control the information that’s stored in your brain once it’s been told to you. On the other hand, if you sat on the computer trying to guess it by trying every combination of your partner’s favorite things, there’s a huge problem.

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