PAX West 2017: Hand-On With 8 Upcoming Big Games

The Evil Within 2

Full disclosure here first, horror games are not, generally speaking, my genre of choice. Having said that I can pretty confidently say that if they are yours, you’ll be quite happy with The Evil Within 2. The game made my skin crawl and very nearly had me jumping out of my seat at multiple points, and that was just during the demo. The sorts of things I saw just in the opening portion of the game gave me a chill wondering what would come next, and honestly being nervous about what would come next. If you liked the dark and sinister creep fest that was the first game, the sequel will likely be everything you’re looking for. Resident Evil may be back to trying to generate real scares, but The Evil Within 2 is a franchise that looks like it’s going to try and take the crown.

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