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PlayStation Now’s game streaming subscription hits PS3

It was easy to scoff at Sony when the electronics giant said it had a 10 year plan for the PlayStation 3, but here we are almost a decade later and it’s still supporting the console. Case in point: the firm’s announced that it’s bringing subscriptions for the PlayStation Now game-streaming service to Blu-ray’s trojan horse. It all starts on May 12th, and beyond that a handful of new games are hitting the service too. They include F1 2014 , Farming Simulator and the ever-so-charming Fat Princess (that’s an awful lot of “F” games now that I think about it), bringing total number of streaming titles to around 100.

Sony says that subscriptions are coming to even more devices too. So, at this point is $20 a month to stream an “unlimited” amount of games on an additional platform enough for you to pull the trigger? If not, what would it take? Let us know in the comments.