Popping The Cherry: Don’t Lose Your Virginity To Just Anyone – Got To Be Earned !

Virginity, what’s the fuss about virginity, is virginity important? What’s this virginity anyway? In simple terms, virginity is the state of sexual inexperience, a person who has never had sex in his or her life is referred to as a Virgin. However, the idea of virginity is mostly used on women. A virgin woman has an intact hymen (A human tissue that blocks the opening of the vagina).

Is virginity important? Well, that depends on the moralistic vantage points of an individual. The 21st -century woman, thinks that the concept of virginity is a lousy one, and most cultures have ceased to be judgmental on how people should handle their cookie jars. Irrespective of what skeptics say or think, I feel that virginity is something sacred, precious and should be treated with utmost respect and care, before allowing anyone to deflower you ask yourself, is there a right or wrong person to lose your virginity to?

One thing you should know before popping your cherry is that you can never get it back, it’s gone and gone forever. You give it to the wrong person, and you end up regretting. This begs the question who should you not lose your virginity to? These are people you should never lose your virginity to (for those who are still intact).

A hookup -what do people mean by hooking up, this is an unbelievably ambiguous phrase. For me hooking up is when you meet this hot, friendly guy, you vibe with him and the next thing you know you are having sex.It doesn’t sound too bad right, but most if not all hookups focus on only physical pleasure rather than emotional bonding, no commitment is guaranteed and, so there is a big chance you will never see him or her ever again. I bet that moment should be more exceptional.

Julianne Moore - Legs-Crossed
Julianne Moore – Legs Crossed

The person you love but doesn’t love you back- sex between two emotionally entwined people is otherworldly, but first time sex with someone you love and that loves you is magical, and the bond is long-lasting if not everlasting, most people remember people they lost their virginity to no matter how old they get. Losing your virginity to someone who cares less about you will make you love him or her more. You will start feeling like the world is falling apart, then one day he or she will find someone she loves, and the pain will creep in your heart slowly, it will heal but you all remember her and regret.

Your best friend-I beg to differ with people who think that having first -time sex with your best friend is a good idea because you all be comfortable. If you mind keeping the friendship don’t, the awkwardness that follows is overwhelming, and you find yourselves drifting apart.

Ideally, every sane person wants to lose their virginity to a woman or a man that they love and love them back because even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll look back and say, it was beautiful while it lasted. No regret. Call me a prude, but I think it’s better to lose your virginity to someone you are committed to.

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