Popular TV Shows That Won’t Return Until 2018

2017 has already debuted its fair share of exciting new TV shows, but there are several favorite series that actually won’t be back this year. Despite their loyal fanbases, these hit comedies and genre dramas are being delayed for a full year or more, either due to their stars’ busy schedules or to allow more time for the development of their next seasons. Below, check out six popular TV shows that won’t return until 2018.

1. Westworld

Ed Harris in Westworld

Ed Harris in Westworld Ed Harris in Westworld | HBO

After months of delays and behind-the-scenes issues, HBO’s adaptation of Westworld proved to be a big hit in its 2016 debut. But it looks like audiences will now be in for another long wait. In order to avoid the problems that plagued the production of its first season, showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy plan to write the scripts for all 10 episodes of Season 2 before filming. Considering how intricately plotted the series is, that will take some time, so fans shouldn’t expect to see more of Westworld until 2018.

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