Prince Harry: Shocking Revelations About His SM Night In Vegas

Prince Harry: shocking revelations about his SM Night in Vegas

In 2012, Prince Harry was the heart of a new sandal. After a hectic night in a hotel suite in Las Vegas, photographs of the naked young man had made the headlines of tabloids. The royal family then tried to bury the case but did not count the shocking revelations Carrie Reichert, stripper 42 years who is about to release in her book “In The Eye of the Storm Royale”.

Prince Harry has long embodied the ugly duckling of the royal family. Drunken parties, costumes and a shocking inveterate seducer reputation, the young man was far from meeting the responsibilities imposed by his status. Only, it seems that the brother of Prince William took some new resolutions. He involved himself in the British army, and he also mentioned his desire to ask and finally start a family: “There are moments in life when you understand that it’s time to ask, or not, but anyway, I do not think you can force these stuff, they arrive when it’s time. Obviously, I like to have children but now there is a walk follow to meet. Fortunately, I’m doing well as a single, but it would be great to have someone by my side to share the pressure, but you will know it when it happens ” had he told Sky News.

“Fans of the royal family will be shocked”

Despite the good reputation he tries to redeem, his efforts may be in vain. Indeed, Prince Harry is about to be overtaken by an old scandal. After a crazy night spent in a hotel suite in Las Vegas in 2012, he created controversy with the publication of the photos. Naked and drunk, he greatly tarnished his image.

Moreover, the royal family is not out of the woods! Indeed, Carrie Reichert, 42-year-old stripper who participated in the famous evening, is about to release a shocking book “In The Eye of the Storm Royale”. According to information from Daily Star, dominatrix tells in detail the practices of its guests. SM practices, bondage and spanking, she relates: “Some guests were spanked, Harry was not reluctant to undress and was not shy at all about what was happening before his eyes [….. ] This is not a kiss of history but rather hard. I also used other objects that night. Fans of the royal family will be shocked. The known people and members of royalty have been doing this years in secret and I will open some doors, “she announces.

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