Proud of Her Form Irrespective of Her Size

Proud of her form, she takes pictures of herself in her lingerie everyday for a week to see people’ reactions

This young woman has launched a challenge to photograph herself in her lingerie everyday to see the reactions of her instgram followers. And these are not immediate but mostly positive, the messages encouraged her to continue to fulfill her looks.

Courtney Mina, a blogger aged 29, decided to take selfies of her lingerie everyday for a week. The pictures were posted on her Instagram account and has been very successful. Her photos have been widely shared and the number of followers on her account has literally increased.

The young woman says she does not understand why women keep moping in conformism whereas their form as women is natural. “I’ve reached that point where I know there’s nothing wrong with my body and I have every right to celebrate and love it like everyone else […] I really do not understand why everyone is trying to conform and be like, it’s so boring, ” …she told People.

Check out her images in the gallery and follow her instagram account Courtney Mina

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