Raw Foods that You Should Never Eat

If raw foods are your favorite, then you should be cautious of some foods which can cause you untold suffering. If you ever have to compare yourself to the early man and act like him, understand that there are limits. He was bent; we are upright. We have cars, and they had feet! All in all, walking and bending will not affect you much: eating the wrong food raw will!

Science tells us that some food is best eaten raw. As such, lest you end up toothless for tearing off raw foods such as beef or with a zoo of worms in your stomach, understand that SOME means just that! The following text is a list of the foods that should never be eaten raw plus the reasons why.

  • Chicken accumulates billions of harmful bugs that will send you to a hospital a few hours after consumption. Similar to chicken, germs love fish as much.sliced meat
  • Cassava root (yucca) is also on top of raw foods you should avoid. This is because it contains cyanogenic glycosides, that is, cyanide. Cyanide in cassava leaves keeps animals and insects from consuming it. The root contains a little amount of it. To avoid poisoning, cook it thoroughly before eating.
  • Eggs (oops!) also make it to the dreadful list or raw foods you should treat with caution. However, understand that the egg in its natural form is useful to the body if eaten raw. The problem is that if you happen to consume one with salmonella, you develop sickness that is hard to forget. Not to worry, though; only 1 in every 30,000 eggs contains the pathogens.
  • Peach, pear, mango, apricot and mango seeds/ pits might tickle the taste buds in a nice way, but they are dangerous. Once open, they contain amygdalin, a chemical that can turn into cyanide. In fact, the pits or seeds should not be eaten raw or cooked. Who cooks mangoes, after all?
  • Pork, although last on the list, is one of the foods that you should never eat raw. Cook it first to avoid all the types of worms in the dictionary apart from earthworms. It is as dangerous as other raw foods such as fish and chicken.

Salivating over these foods is allowed as long as they are well-cooked. Criticism (is allowed) and additional information on this topic are always welcome. Kindly post them below.

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