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Relationship Advice: Signs It’s Time to Get Couples Counseling

You don’t recognize the partner you met a few years ago. You used to share inside jokes and you always knew how to make each other smile. Now, you find yourself crying a lot more than laughing. The relationship isn’t as fulfilling as it used to be, and you’re not sure what to do. Do you leave so you can get some relief, or do you tough it out and see where things go? If this situation describes what you’re experiencing in your relationship right now, you might be thinking about booking an appointment with a couples therapist. Here are some hints that it’s time.

One or both of you cheated

Couple touching with heads

Couple touching with heads Infidelity can be hard to recover from. | iStock.com/Sjale

Infidelity has a way of shaking the foundation of even the strongest relationship. The pain of discovering your partner cheated on you can take years to get over. Once trust has been betrayed it can be very difficult to restore. If you and your partner plan on staying together, you’ll need a therapist to help you navigate through this difficult time. Don’t go it alone in a situation where cheating took place.

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