Relationship Advice: The Reasons It Can Actually Cause Irreparable Damage

Seeking the help of others, especially those whom you trust, is a common move. While you assume all relationship quarrels may warrant outside opinions, a group of folks offering relationship advice is far from necessary. In fact, it can often look more like the peanut gallery than objective commentators, which you don’t need adding even more drama to your personal relationship woes.

When it comes to you and your partner, you’re the only two who really know the inner workings of it all. So, steer clear of unsolicited relationship advice as much as you can, because it can actually cause far more harm than good.

1. The advice comes from other people’s experiences

Two multi ethnic affectionate girl friends embracing

Two multi ethnic affectionate girl friends embracing What works for your friend may not work for you. |

Your friends will speak from their own experiences, rather than yours. And seeing as you’re looking for advice on your relationship, and what you should do, their relationships really have no bearing here. “Even the people you trust the most, your friends and family, are just a conglomeration of their own experiences with love,” The Liberty Project says. How you should be handling your own issues is something outsiders aren’t privy to, so do yourself a favor, and leave their advice behind.

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