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Relaxing Spa Treatments You Can Do at Home

Everyone deserves to feel pampered and polished, but having a spa day can cost a fortune. To save yourself some time, travel, and money, why not attempt a few spa treatments from home? There are plenty of relaxing and rejuvenating activities that can be carried out using products you likely already have around the house. From massages to scrubs and facials, these DIY spa treatments will have you taking care of yourself from head to toe on a daily basis.

1. Scalp massage

young woman enjoying scalp massage

young woman enjoying scalp massage Try a relaxing scalp massage. | iStock.com/DragonImages

Can anything give you full-body chills quite like a lengthy scalp massage? Probably not. The Kikkerland Copper Head Massager allows you to get an other-worldly scalp treatment all by yourself. It stimulates sensitive nerves, relieves stress, and won’t transfer oils to your hair from your hands. 

Should you prefer the feel of fingertips, the Head Massage 101 App will teach you the proper technique used by experts.

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