Retiring? These Are the 10 States Attracting the Most Retirees

Retirees enjoy retirement by sunbathing on the beach

Retirees enjoy retirement by sunbathing on the beach Retirees enjoy retirement by sunbathing on the beach | Michael Steele/Getty Images

Have you retired, or see retirement as a near-term goal? There are numerous things to plan for. Signing up for Social Security, for example, should be near the top of your list. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve planned every last detail, and have a solid financial plan for your golden years. You may also want to give some thought to your living situation. As a retiree, you may not want to spend significant amounts of time shoveling snow in the winter, or constantly worrying about hurricanes.

For weather-related reasons and others, you may want to pack up and move. There’s an entire country out there, and some states and cities offer advantages that yours currently doesn’t. Is warm weather important? How about proximity to nature or a big city? You should consider everything before settling on a permanent place to live.

But where to go? There are benefits and drawbacks to just about any city or state, after all. We can, however, look at where other retirees are flocking to and possibly follow suit. A new study from United Van Lines (who would know better than a moving company?) has revealed the top 10 states where retirees are moving.

“For 40 years, United Van Lines has been tracking which states people are moving to and from. We also survey our customers to understand why they are moving from state-to-state,” said Melissa Sullivan, director of marketing communications at United Van Lines. “As the nation’s largest household goods mover, the data we collect is reflective of national migration trends.”

By looking at the percentage of inbound versus outbound moves into each state, United was able to come up with a top 10 list. These are the 10 states seeing the highest influx of retirees.

10. Arizona

View of Phoenix Arizona

View of Phoenix Arizona Phoenix, Arizona |

You’ve probably heard that retired people flock to Arizona. It’s warm almost all of the time, with big cities like Phoenix and Tucson. It’s also home to some natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. But the warmth alone is enough to convince many retirees to move to the Southwest.

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