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Ridiculous Things Some Dog Owners Do That Make People Furious

There’s no one right way to take care of a dog. Dogs have individual needs and respond to different care and training methods. But if you’re a dog owner, you know some things are stupid, annoying, and just downright dangerous to do with your pet. Here are 15 things some dog owners do that other owners absolutely can’t stand.

1. They let their dog run loose

spaniel dog running in summer

spaniel dog running in summer It’s not safe to let your dog run loose. | iStock.com/Carmelka

Ever been walking your dog, and a loose dog comes bounding at you? Not only is this incredibly unsettling, it’s highly unsafe. Even friendly dogs might lash out or try to protect their owners when a strange dog is running toward them. What’s even worse is when the loose dog’s owner is completely lackadaisical about the whole situation or nowhere to be found, leaving you to figure out what to do with their dog.

Just because your dog hasn’t ever strayed from your yard in the past doesn’t mean he never will. And even if he’s super friendly, that doesn’t mean he should be running up to strangers. Avoid the conflict, and keep your dogs secured.

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