Safety First: What you Should Know About Oral Sex

When sex became a preserve for both young unmarried persons and the married as well, some changes were expected to emerge: and they did! In matters of sex, masturbation and oral sex are the “newest entries” after sex positions. Both matters remain controversial in that they bear the same number of opposers and supporters. In this post, however, we discuss one of them, the safety of oral sex.

What is it oral sex?

In definition, this is the act of stimulating a partner’s genitals with the tongue, lips or mouth. When a woman stimulates a man’s penis with their mouth, it is called fellatio. When a man stimulates a woman’s vagina with his mouth, it is called cunningulus.

This type of sex is an alternative to penetration, masturbation or anal sex. The difference is that the stimulation is not through contact with the sexual organs but with other body parts. sexyIs it safe?

The answer is a solid no! Sufficient evidence proves that this type of sex, like the others, will transmit STDs and bacteria. The only thing you will be safe from is an unwanted pregnancy.

Here is a list of the ailments you can get from having oral sex.

  1. Hepatitis A, B and C
  2. Chlamydia
  3. Herpes
  4. Genital warts
  5. Syphilis, and
  6. Gonorrhea

You might also get pubic lice by having this kind of sex with an unhygienic person


Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of the safety of oral sex on this: HIV is transmissible without actual penetration. When a person has a cut in their mouth or on their lips, coming into contact with sexual fluids can transmit HIV. It is a low-risk kind of sex but significant enough to cause worry.

In other news, the person giving the oral sex stands higher chances of contracting STDs and HIV, according to medical experts. This is because if you give the oral, then you come into contact with the fluids.

How to be safe

Men receiving oral sex should still use condoms. If their partners dislike the taste of pure latex, they can try using flavored ones.

Women receiving oral sex should advise their men to use dams. These are thin plastic or latex squares that create a non-disruptive layer between the mouth and the genitals.

As is the norm, we acknowledge that extra knowledge is out there. Therefore, if you have any information on the safety of oral sex, do not hesitate to share it here.

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