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Same Word But Different Meaning Around The World

You wanted a sheet of paper and got a bed sheet? Or you wanted food and you a condom? Same words and expressions can have different meanings depending on where you yourself. In this article, I will make a short dictionary for the same words with different meanings in different countries.

Did you mean a condom?: If you entered a shop in France and was looking for oysters, be careful not to ask the owner in English – preservative sounds the same as preservatifs in French. Guess what that mean? A condom!

Ask for a slap: Tapas are little dishes that compile a colorful meal in Spanish. But if you happen to find yourself in a Brazil, make sure you NEVER order for Tapas. In Brazilian dialect, Tapas means Slap.

Who smells it?: In Eastern Europe specifically Poland, won means “good msell”, guess what, it means the exact opposite in Russian – Stink. If you happen to be found round Russia and you need to sit in a couch, say Divwan. But in Poland, the same word means “carpet”- spelt Divan. Odwet in Russian means a question whereas in Polish it means “Revenge”.

Don’t start causing riots: In Spanish dialects, one can “make a cena”, which actually mean to cook a meal. But don’t try making cena in Portuguese because that means to make a scene or cause a riot.

My clumsy kid: Schlimm is a nickname for a successful smart child in Dutch, but in German it means stupid and unsuccessful.