Scientists revealed that the fingers of your hand says everything about your personality.

For you did not know, there is a way to know what your personality by looking at the size of your fingers.

A study was conducted at the University of Alberta in Canada and the scientists found that the length of your fingers is related to your character and your chances of getting diseases.

That means looking at your fingers can know which of these three types you belong.

If you are the type A
You’re a good person, proactive, compassionate and pleases others. Firm in his decisions and hardly change your mind. You have easy to find a way to be happy.

If you are the type B
You’re a funny, sensitive and kind person. You care about others and you like the company but also enjoy the moments of solitude. Appreciate the people close to you.

If you are the type C
You are a quiet person and do not like conflict. You’re very kind to those around you and so have many friends. You’re a very caring person with your partner.

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