Secrets to Saving on Your Next Vacation with Costco Travel

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Costco any more than you already do, along comes a real game-changer. Even better than delicious pizza, cheap toilet paper, and discounted gas stations, your Costco membership gets you access to another amazing perk: You can book your next vacation through Costco Travel.

Even the most avid Costco fan may not know that they could be kicking back at the beach, exploring Europe, or taking a family vacation to Disney — all with the help of Costco discounts.

Ready to put that Costco membership to work? Below, check out our best secrets for scoring some real savings on your next vacation with Costco Travel.

1. Start by getting a Costco membership

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shopping cart Want to save with Costco Travel? You need to get a membership first. |

Let’s get this one out of the way. You do need to have a valid Costco membership to book a vacation through Costco Travel. (You also have to live in the United States.) Members can turn to Costco to book a vacation package, plan a cruise, or even book a rental car. You just have to make sure that your membership is current first.

A Gold Star membership costs $60 per year. An Executive membership costs $120. And executive members, according to the Costco Travel website, earn an annual 2% reward on Costco Travel purchases.

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