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Serena Williams Reveals Her Biggest Pregnancy Fear

Serena Williams is an absolute force on the court. No other female tennis player in the Open Era has achieved what she has. But when it comes to preparing for the birth of her first child, she’s feeling a bit of anxiety.

The athlete met Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, in 2015, and they got engaged in December 2016. Williams broke the happy news on Reddit, of course, with a poem about her love. Then, in April 2017, the tennis star revealed she was 20 weeks pregnant. She later deleted the post, but it was too late, as her fans had already taken to social media to congratulate her.

Williams admitted that the pregnancy was not planned and has been pretty candid about some of the challenges she’s faced since learning she was expecting. The 35-year-old revealed some other details about her pregnancy, as well as her biggest fears about having a baby.

Here’s a list of everything we know about Serena’s pregnancy, including the one thing that worries her the most about becoming a mom.

1. The tennis champ gets some pregnancy cravings

I was told there would be late-night cravings.

A post shared by Alexis Ohanian (@alexisohanian) on

Even the greatest female tennis player in the world gets pregnancy cravings like everyone else — well, sort of.

As Ohanian revealed via Instagram, his fiancée’s cravings do not consist of chocolate or fried foods. Instead, Williams has been craving vegetables. Yep, she sent him to the store to pick up asparagus, zucchini, and artichoke.

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