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Seriously Clever Food Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Bachelor food has a bad reputation. From bland frozen pizza to a diet of take-out and beer, single guys aren’t typically renowned for their great culinary skills. Even single ladies are guilty of eating lackluster meals. But if you believe that knowing how to cook is a basic life skill (and it is), you’ll probably be interested in ways you can make it easier on yourself. This list of seven simple food hacks will help you save time, waste less, and create tastier meals.

1. Make bacon crispy without the mess

bacon, lettuce, and tomato

bacon, lettuce, and tomato It’s possible to crisp your bacon without grease flying all over your kitchen | iStock.com

Crispy bacon doesn’t have to mean cleaning out a greasy pan after breakfast is over. This simple trick from America’s Test Kitchen results in crispier bacon and streamlines the cleaning process.

Start by folding a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil accordion-style (fold at one-inch intervals). Unfold the foil (like you were making a fan) and then place on a baking sheet. Put the bacon on the foil rack and then cook in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until done.

“This technique makes cleanup a snap and elevates the strips so that grease drips into the foil during cooking, ensuring a crispier result,” notes America’s Test Kitchen.

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