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Seth Rogen and 11 Other Actors Who Didn’t Graduate From High School

Acting is a tough business, and a big advantage is starting out young. This means that a lot of people have stopped pursuing their education in order to try and start a career. This is a risky move, of course, but it has worked out for many actors. There have been many who never graduated college. But here are 12 who didn’t graduate high school either to purse their careers, or just because they really hated it.

1. Chris Rock

Chris Rock

Chris Rock Chris Rock | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

The comedian dropped out at 10th grade, but his education didn’t stop there. “After I left high school and got my GED,” Chris told Oprah. “I studied broadcast journalism for a year at a community college.” The interesting thing about this is that he later made a sitcom based on his own life called Everybody Hates Chris. 

But of course the show about his younger self would either have to end or follow his life after he dropped out. In season three Chris sits down with a counselor to talk about his failing eighth-grade exams. The counselor advises Chris to get mental evaluations and recommends a remedial course. “I’ve always found most guidance counselors kind of have one foot in and one foot out of the school,” the comedian told TV Guide. “Yeah, if there’s a troubled kid, I’ll talk to him. Otherwise, I’m going to sit here and smoke.”

So the show was pretty honest about the comedian’s high school experience. The show ended after four seasons. In the finale Chris takes the GED, so the fact that he did go another route in his education is addressed.