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Shakira reveals her diet after the birth of her little Sasha

After the birth of her first child Milan, Shakira has followed a strict diet based on physical activities to find her line after the arrival of her second child Sasha.

All women around the world want to know the slimming secrets of the celebrities who regained their hourglass figure only a few months after birth. At 38, the Colombian singer is ready to regain her fans on stage to with a chain choreography at a frantic pace. For now, she live in Barcelona, ​​where her partner, footballer Gerard Piqué, ends the football season with Barcelona ….

Shakira had a small problem her wardrobe in the past few weeks, but it is now history:

“For a while, I could bear to run because I was growing bigger. I will go back into my jeans.”

Hard to believe but Shakira still remains a mother like any other and has not escaped the traditional post-pregnancy hassle. The singer shared her secret recipes.


“It takes a lot of discipline and a good deal of control, because I love food. I always eat a lot, but nutritious food and nothing fat, I keep an eye on what I eat and I exercise regularly. I alternate each day to not get bored between boxing, dancing, tennis and sometimes the gym.”

She had practiced intensively Zumba for losing extra weight.