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‘Shark Tank’ Standouts: The Most Unforgettable Pet Products Ever Pitched

Shark Tank: It’s become a household name across the country. Each week, millions gather to witness American entrepreneurship at its finest. Everything from the insanely clever to the totally bizarre makes its way to the tank. And when it comes to pet products, we’ve seen it all.

Although some people end up striking a deal, others aren’t so lucky. But we’re not here to judge. We’ve rounded up a list of the most unforgettable pet products to ever grace the Shark Tank stage. The Sharks have already made their decisions as to whether they love ’em or hate ’em. Now, it’s your turn. Here are 15 products that tend to garner strong reactions from pet-loving folks.

1. Apollo Peak

cat with wine

cat with wine Wine with your pet? Don’t mind if we do. | Apollo Peak via Instagram

Cat wine? Dog wine? We know, there’s some explaining to do here. During this particular Shark Tank pitch, the owner sold the product as a way to include your beloved pet in your favorite post work tradition: kicking your feet up while enjoying a nice glass of wine. Thus, Apollo Peak was born. But don’t worry, it’s still good for your pets. And there’s no actual alcohol content in the product. With flavors, such as The White Kittendel, The Pinot Meow, and The Moscato, it’s no wonder cat lovers have already gotten behind this.

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