Home News She Discovers Her Pregnancy In Her 8th Month

She Discovers Her Pregnancy In Her 8th Month

She Discovers Her Pregnancy In Her 8th Month

A couple discovered they were going to become parents in a funny way.

At a concert, while the man had laid his hands on the belly of his girlfriend, he felt a strange movement and realized that she was pregnant.

It was a big surprise for both Abby Wake and Jerryd Gordman, when they confirmed from a doctor.
Jerryd felt the movement of the baby when he placed his hands on the rounded belly of the young woman. Something which they had attributed to bloating and weight gain, it all suddenly began to make sense.

 “I felt a kick, I looked and I said, I think you’re pregnant. We should see a doctor right away “

Abby was amaized to learn from the doctor that she was going to be a parent in some few weeks. According to the doctor, Abby is already in her 8th month (32 weeks) of pregnancy. It is certainly uncommon for a woman to discover that she is pregnant in the 8th month. It is the first time the doctor had observed such a phenomenon on a woman like Abby.

 “This situation is more common than we think. Abby is only the youngest I have met. “

The lovebirds are left with few weeks to arrange a baby-room and to prepare for the arrival on their young one.

A page on the platform “Go Fund Me” has also been created to allow visitors to help them raise funds for arrival of the new member of their family.