Shock: Why bus seats are always full of bright colors!

Shock: Why bus seats are always full of bright colors!

Have you ever wondered why the seats in commercial buses, trains or trams are multicolored? Here is the answer, a real shock! The manufacturers chose those colors for a reason.

The first thing to know is that nothing is left to chance.


When you see a bus seat, we tend to think that “the designers could have at least chosen one color for uniformity”. In reality, the colors are precisely chosen! You’ll see why …

Specifically, if the seats are ugly, it’s just because they have been designed using complex visual algorithms. This hides the dust it collects from been visible… Yes!

So for the average person, the seats surface look clean, but is actually full of millions of small dust particles! If the seat was made of black fabric flat and basic, everything would show, but with this very sophisticated technology, this is not the case.

What do you think?

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