Signs Your Health Regimen Is Causing You Too Much Stress

Setting up a good health regimen is the first step in developing a fitter, happier you. But what happens when your systematic plan for reaching your health goals starts causing you way more headaches than happiness? Maybe you have set goals for yourself that are unreachable. Or, maybe you’ve put too much pressure on yourself to make a new fitness or diet plan work. When any of this happens, your stress levels can go through the roof.

So, how do you know if your plan is too much to handle? Here are the signs your health regimen is causing you too much stress.

1. You stop seeing results

young healthy girl on home scales

young healthy girl on home scales Is there anything more stress-inducing than health goals you can’t reach? |

This is one of the most telling signs that your health regimen is too stressful. But there is an easy solution here. Recognizing when a workout or meal plan isn’t working for you is half the battle. There’s no shame in revamping your plan so it works for you — instead of making you stressed and obsessed over your goals.

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