Simple Ways to Copy Joanna Gaines’ Decorating Tips From ‘Fixer Upper’ in Your Own House

Joanna Gaines is basically magical. From her amazing sense of personal style to her adorable relationship with her goofball hubby, Chip, there’s just something about Fixer Upper — and the Gaines family — that’s transfixed HGTV audiences and caused a serious uptick in the number of Google searches for “moving to Waco.”

Taking the ugliest houses in the neighborhood and transforming them into drop-dead gorgeous dream homes looks effortless in her capable hands, but it still might seem like a daunting task to average people. We can’t all move to Waco, Texas, and hire Chip and Joanna Gaines to renovate our spaces, but with a few strategic purchases and changes, it is possible to get Fixer Upper style no matter where you live.

We’ll break down 20 easy ways for you to emulate farmhouse chic without a lot of time and effort — or moving all the way to Texas.

1. Shiplap everywhere

fireplace with shiplap

fireplace with shiplap Shiplap covers the wall behind the fireplace. | Magnolia Market via Facebook

It’s no secret Gaines is obsessed with shiplap. The online Magnolia Market even has merchandise, such as mugs and shirts, professing her love. And we have to admit this simple addition majorly upgrades a bare wall. This classic decorating technique of layering different materials in a similar shade adds visual interest without being overstimulating.

Not sure where to find your own shiplap? Not to worry. Some basic 2-by-4s from the lumber store, cut to size and laid out in random patterns (stagger the seams), will give you the same effect. And it won’t break the budget.

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