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Sir Richard Branson Sets Sail and Gets Sued


Former Norwegian Cruise Line CEO, Colin Veitch has filed suit against Billionaire Sir Richard Branson. In the lawsuit, it is claimed that if Virgin sets sail in the luxury cruise line industry, Veitch stands to lose his chance at infiltrating the market. Virgin plans to construct a set of state of the art “ultra ships” capable of holding 4,200 passengers each. Veitch is seeking over $300 million in damages and has made a request of the judge to halt Virgin’s advancement toward the proposed cruise line. It is alleged by Veitch and his counsel that, in 2011 Veitch was working with Virgin to get a cruise line up and running, while also entering into a partnership on the venture. But, when the arrangement between Veitch and Virgin tanked, he continued his efforts on his own and Virgin went ahead with the plans that Veitch alleges were his. In this case, only time will tell whose argument will stay afloat and with Virgin’s ever increasing land, sea and air expansion, it is likely that they will continue rising to the top of the travel markets.