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Skype has affirmed that a few forms of its product contain a bug that can bring about the application to crash and never start up. The organization has discharged a patch to alter the issue, so make certain to upgrade your Skype client immediately. Until then, writing the accompanying eight characters into a Skype talk on a Windows, iOS, or Android gadget will crash Skype immediately:  http://:

This isn’t only a bug. It’s a Skype-executioner. Since these characters now live everlastingly in your chat history, the application won’t open anymore. The main special case has all the earmarks of being to clients running Skype on Apple’s OS X or on the current Windows Metro interface. Be that as it may,  all hope is not lost; as one Skype client brings up, individuals who have succumbed to this issue can alter it with assistance from the individual who sent the vindictive message.

On the off chance that the individual erases the eight characters from their own particular talk history, then you can re-introduce a more seasoned adaptation of the application. However, how about we not let things turn out that way. Simply introduce the overhauled programming and you’re ready. Until then, be careful with individuals sending you inadequate URLs on Skype talk.