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Smoking Weed Can Make Your Vagina Dry

This is a must read for girls who smoke weed! If you are a guy who’s girlfriends vagina gets dry, this should let you know that it’s nothing of your fault. If you are none of those, you definitely want to read this because it’s very intriguing.

According to reports, smoking weed doesn’t only make your mouth dry, it also puts a dampener on stoner sex in the long run.
In 2009 a survey was conducted amongst 8650 people in Australia, scientists drew a link between smoking marijuana and poor vaginal lubrication. This topic is very much discussed online but I think it calls for more scientific studies to come up with a complete statement as to whether it does or not.
The author of “Moody Bitches”, Dr. Julie Holland seems to be one of few people who have delved into the vaginal effects of marijuana and other sexual health effects that comes with using it.

The Truth About The Drugs You’re Taking, The Sleep You’re Missing, The Sex You’re Not Having, and What’s Really Making You Crazy
– Moody Bitches

UrbacnDictionary seem to be informed about weed smoking and the effect it has on vagina.

This could differ from girl to girl but majority will find this a problem. You may read the full doctors interview with VICE from here