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Beyoncé: “Something I need to talk with everyone”

Beyoncé perfectly masters the art of marketing. It remains for her to deliver content to par. American fans of Beyoncé spent their day at stamping, pending the arrival of Monday morning.

Why? Because the show Good Morning America aired on Sunday a trailer excellently worthy of competing with the biggest blockbusters. On exciting background music, serious and husky voice promises: “Tomorrow morning, Beyoncé has something amazing you know.” And the singer adds: “It’s something I have to talk to everyone.” Height of suspense, the voice continues: ” So what is it? You will love … “Given the surprises that knew concoct Beyoncé in the past, everyone was waiting for a new historical event as her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards where she announced her pregnancy, or the unexpected release of his latest eponymous album.

So, what message of paramount importance has she got deliver to the world this time? A second child? A new album? A candidacy for president to succeed Barack Obama? Nothing approaching … For many fans, the news was even considered disappointing, reports US Weekly.For her “incredible” trick, What Beyoncé wanted to share with the world is … Drum roll … her vegan diets since 2013. After trying this diet for 22 days, she could see its effectiveness on the balance as her skin “really strong”. And yes, that is all … “They put a dramatic music in the trailer and she says she just eats grass,” quipped one Twitter user, while another of protests have almost been late to school as she expected something great. We wait still hastily announced its next: perhaps she will reveal the size of his shoes