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Songs With Lyrics That Say: ‘I’m a Stalker’

6 Songs With Lyrics That Say: 'I'm a Stalker'

6 Songs With Lyrics That Say: 'I'm a Stalker' The Police | Source: A&M

There are two types of laugh-out-loud songs out there: Those that are intentionally using silliness and hyperbole to elicit laughter (such as the music of hip hop comedians The Lonely Island) and tunes that inadvertently miss the mark with slanted or even disturbing lyrics. These are the latter.

In fact, these are some of the creepiest songs out there when it comes to lyrical content, and even a cursory breakdown of the meaning behind their words might cause listeners to feel like they need to take a shower immediately, as they all delve into the unsettling subject matter of stalkers.

Without further delay, here are a few of the most stalker-heavy songs ever made.

1. “One Way or Another” by Blondie (1978)

According to the words Debbie Harry sings in this classic tune, she is going to “find you” and “get you” using any means necessary. The way in which Harry half-growls the lyrics to this Blondie tune doesn’t exactly imply any sort of courtship or consent. Instead, the band’s frontwoman sounds intent on getting what she wants regardless of what you might think.

Just take a listen to the haunting bridge, and you’ll hear how threatening her words really are. We don’t want to find out the lengths to which Blondie is willing to go to get what they want.