‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Cast Reveals Why the Klingons Look So Different

Star Trek: Discovery is almost here, and we’re getting a better look at what we can expect out of the new series. One of the most shocking things about the adaptation is the new physical take on the iconic Klingons. They are now bald, have different skin tones, and different costumes.

This certainly isn’t the first time the creatures have gotten a makeover, but this one is pretty drastic. So why the big change and how will it affect the show? Apparently, the new look isn’t the only thing that has changed about the species. Here are seven things we know about the new Klingons.

1. Klingons will have heightened senses because of their new features

A Klingon stands behind a podium on a ship.

A Klingon stands behind a podium on a ship. A Klingon on Star Trek: Discovery | CBS

According to the designer, Neville Page, the ridges act as extra-sensory receptors on the Klingons’ heads and backs. Per io9, this is because the Klingons are “apex predators” and would need this to make it to the top of the food chain. One of the Klingon actors, Mary Chieffo, went into detail about this new development.

Obviously the hair was the biggest thing people noticed, or the lack thereof. And I will attest to the fact there is a reason my ridge goes back the way it does. There are sensors and pheromones…There is a whole reasoning behind it that is adhering to what has always been true in Klingon canon…So I deeply believe we are in line with what has come before but is also adding a new kind of nuance.

So the makeover for the characters isn’t just skin deep.

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