Home News Stephanie Hollman prays and watches ‘RHOD’ in her closet

Stephanie Hollman prays and watches ‘RHOD’ in her closet

Being on “Real Housewives” is stressful, just ask Stephanie Hollman.

“When I get [new episodes of ‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’] I pray and I go in either my closet or my bedroom and I don’t tell Travis I have it!” she told Page Six in a recent interview.

“I watch it and just hold my breath. And after I wrap my mind around what happened, I go to my husband and I have him watch it with me. But for me, the first time that I watch [an episode] I’m always by myself and always very anxious and it never ends up being as bad as I think it is!”

“You psych yourself up for the worst sometimes,” she added. “It’s never as bad as my mind tells me it’s going to be!”

Hollman, 38, has been a fixture on the Bravo show since its first season in 2016. She is set to return for its third season when it airs Wednesday with a her new tagline: “Investing in drama is not in my budget.”