Steppenwolf: How the Immortal Villain Will Try to Take Down the Justice League

The Justice League superheroes gather together in a posed promo shot

The Justice League superheroes gather together in a posed promo shot Justice League | Warner Bros.

With the trailer finally out for Justice League, most of the chatter among fans is about when we’ll finally get a good look at Superman in the new Warner Bros. movie, based on the DC comics. But the fact that the superhero team, headlined by Batman and Wonder Woman, are actually appearing in a major motion picture is overshadowing someone else in a big way — and that’s the leading bad guy, Steppenwolf.

The trailer gave fans their first glimpse of the character, played by Northern Irish actor Ciaran Hinds (Frozen, John Carter, and There Will Be Blood). What do we know about Steppenwolf? We took a look at some questions about the villain who will take on the Justice League in theaters this November.

1. Who is Steppenwolf?

A close-up of a bent leg in armor

A close-up of a bent leg in armor Steppenwolf in the Justice League trailer | Warner Bros. Studios

For fans that are really into the DC comic books and backstory for the superheros of the Justice League, Steppenwolf is well-known. But not every moviegoer or comic fan is completely familiar with this character. Essentially, Steppenwolf is a New God created by comic book legend Jack Kirby. He’s an enormously powerful dude, which is what makes him worthy of a film that requires not just one, but an assortment of heroes to stop him.

The New Gods exist in the Fourth World, which is beyond the realm of space and time. Steppenwolf resides on the planet Apokolips, ruled by the evil Darkseid — more on him in a bit. He rules the military, leading the dog cavalry (a group of warriors that actually rides gigantic dogs) and brandishing the electro-axe as his weapon of choice.

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